The CoQuora Project helps people create positive change through a radically different way of convening conversations that matter. We bring strategic consulting, coaching and conversation-design solutions to help groups of people in organizations, institutions and communities co-create futures they are passionate about.

“There has probably never been a better time for such a concept/group in my lifetime. There is a need to engage in constructive dialog that identifies the real questions that need answers. Today we seem to always be focused on resolving symptoms and never really get the dialog to a level that results in moments of real discovery and resulting resolution. We have given up our power. We have surrendered it and now are in a situation where too often fear of losing the ability to make a living keep us from taking it back. I want help to reverse this trend I’m in.”GC

Problem Solving Through People

Community Initiatives

We offer practical tools, robust processes and skills development workshops that allow people to have the conversations that matter to them so that they can rise above division and breakdown. We facilitate inspired action.

Heart-Hitting Workshops

Productive conversations are those in which people not only feel heard, but are also actively and lovingly hearing others. We teach practical tools, robust processes, and skills development strategies which allow people to have effective conversations that transcend typical communication roadblocks. CoQuora facilitates heart-hitting conversations.

Collaborative, Co-Creative Problem-Solving:

City leaders, school districts, health systems, and other organizations are constantly challenged to find solutions to systemic problems. CoQuora joins with your team to widen and deepen engagement with your citizens, members, employees, and customers to find answers that create long term solutions. CoQuora releases passion and accountability.

Our Change Agent Community

The CoQuora Community holds a welcoming space for those who are passionate about making a difference in the world. Participation in our online communities and live programs will help clarify your vision, communicate it effectively, and become an agent of creative change in your own life, within your family, in your business, your community, and beyond. Expect lively discussions, compassionate accountability, and to develop deep friendships. CoQuora starts from the idea that productive change is fun.

Thought Leadership & Engaging Content

Through our blogs, podcasts, workshops and online conversations, we seek to provoke and challenge the existing paradigms around ‘leadership’ and ‘engagement’ and drag the world, kicking and screaming, into a new way of making extraordinary things happen – together.