31 Game Changing Questions Day 22

In Blog by Jamie Stuck


How much responsibility for the well-being of employees falls on the shoulders of leaders? To what extent are you, in particular, prepared to practice goodwill toward your people?

In a world of mergers and acquisitions, rising health-care costs, and reductions in workforce, leaders often face discerning an ethical path based on their personal moral code. Few relish the idea of communicating bad news, and yet it’s part of most leadership roles.

Triple bottom line organizations are set up to serve three areas: people, profit, and the planet. More and more, leaders are opting for this path toward more conscious business practices. Here, ethical behavior is an integral piece of the corporate puzzle.

Whether your organization operates this way or not, you get a choice to act within your built-in guidance system — or to defer to default, less reflective practices.

What level of ethical grounding do you bring into your leadership? What is possible if you were to align your leadership style even more aggressively with your personal, most central core values?


Consider your last difficult decision. Where did the result of that decision align with your ethics, and where didn’t it? What could you have done differently that would make the decision more satisfying?

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Love, David & Charrise