31 Game Changing Questions Day 28

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Remember when, to keep our established hierarchy intact, we had to keep secrets? Knowing about something others aren’t privy to bolsters our power, somehow. We are ‘in the know’ which puts us in the ‘inner circle.’

What if power-grabs aren’t cool anymore?

Not sharing details viewed as ‘confidential’ is sometimes the right move. Only sometimes. You get to consider the impact of NOT divulging information compared to the value of them knowing.

The single most significant act a leader can take is to share details they don’t have to share. It’s powerful for a leader to trust people with information about what the C-Suite folks or the owner of the company is considering or worrying over.

What sort of transparency do we recommend?

We’ve worked with private organizations who share financial information, as a way to engage people in celebration for good performance or to solve the issues leading to poor performance. People get inspired by hearing about major deals underway on the sales front, new products under development, or the consideration of innovative approaches.

People also like to know how they’re doing. They want to know that when they’ve done something well, or needing improvement.

Being transparent builds trust, and helps people have empathy for one another. It helps people understand context, perspective and often provides a level of engagement otherwise not possible.

CHALLENGE: Consider your past practice of being transparent in ways that support engagement, and if there is a place for improvement, make a plan. Questions to ask yourself: “What is the potential risk of revealing this information?” and “What is the potential benefit of revealing this information?” Make a judgement call based on your wisdom and experience. Continue with this practice on an ongoing basis.

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