31 Game Changing Questions Day 30

In Blog by Jamie Stuck


Depending on the paradigm in which you’ve been working, you might already have a sense of which rules you could break if you were more brave or willing.

What if you were committed to revisiting the appropriateness of each and every rule you’ve been assuming serves something?

What if, tragically, your rules are themselves breaking something vital in your organization, like creativity, compassion, or innovation?

We’ve seen it more often than you might imagine. Over time, leaders stop questioning things. Status quo is seductive, with the power to lure you into a false sense that change is difficult.

What if you saw change as FUN? What if breaking the rules opened the space for massively engaged people highly enthused about having safety in bringing their most creative problem-solving to work?

There might be some confusion or even chaos at first. Some may need some coaxing toward thriving in a culture where change is constant, and rules are regularly questioned or broken.

We submit that anything is better than status quo, and a culture of mediocrity will not create a sustainable success path for any organization.


When is the last time you questioned your employee handbook or your unwritten rules? When is the last time you even read it? Just like there are laws on the books that no longer make sense, there are policies in your organization that does more harm than good. Consider what or who your rules support, and in what ways they are holding your growth back.

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