31 Game Changing Questions Day 31

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In any organization, there are varying levels of diversity. Today, five generations co-mingle in a given workplace. If your leadership is progressive, you’ve taken care to build a culture that is diverse on all levels — age, gender, race, religion, and those with differing world-views.

The benefits of inviting different kinds of people to the table are clear if your goal is to deliver world-class products or services. Different perspectives allow for more creative problem-solving. Employing individuals who share values with your customers give you a leg-up in understanding what to build and how to market. In such an environment, we all grow.

There are massive opportunities to practice compassion in a mixed culture. For some, it’s a challenge not to judge those individuals who are not like us. In this case, what is the ethical responsibility of leaders to ensure that differences are honored and respected?

Rockstar leaders welcome diversity while modeling respect and appreciation for the differences a diverse workforce inevitably brings. They come to the table having done their share of inner work; they embody a higher consciousness because they see the connection between caring for others and produce thriving cultures.

If we’re to solve today’s most pervasive problems, leaders are well-served by inviting extreme levels of diversity into the conversation. It may not be easy, but the outcomes make taking the risk worthwhile.


Take a fresh look at your commitment to diversity, and make one change that will significantly affect the future of your organization.

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