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Big Question Examples

In Blog by Charrise McCrorey

Our life and business follows the direction of our questions. The quality of the question matters.

At CoQuora, we teach the value of going bigger and higher with your questions, because as you do so, you reach the roots of what you wish to change.

Often, conversation is centered around symptoms. Big questions go beyond symptoms and into collectively better futures.

Big Questions are created to address issues that:

  • Need the future to be different from the past
  • To answer the question demands creative action
  • Need the future to be ‘better’ than the past
  • Are aspirational and uplifting to consider
  • Do not have obvious answers
  • Impact multiple stakeholders
  • Might invoke conflict or be highly charged emotionally

Big Questions are both art and science, and often are found through facilitated dialogue. It’s easy to get bogged down by focusing on questions that, when answered don’t take into consideration all of the stakeholders.

Have you ever considered the level of your questions, and where those questions and answers might lead you?

At CoQuora, Big Questions are at the heart of our process.