Bold Invitation

Bold Invitations For Positive Change

In Blog by Charrise McCrorey

Bold Invitations in the face of doubt, fear and overwhelm create positive change

We recognize the power of BOLD invitations to create positive change.

Our intention is to create and hold a space for a special group of people to be a stand for possibility, creativity and joy at exactly the time when the world is so anxious, fractured and disillusioned.

We are making an invitation to be part of a small group of extra-ordinary people committed to something beyond ‘being sensible’ – if ‘being sensible’ means playing small or playing it safe.

It seems to us that the world is showing us all — almost as never before — what doesn’t work. The incipient madness of the US elections is now matched by the Holy Fuckness of the UK’s European vote. And the root cause is the same. Large groups of people feeling they have no option but to give their power away to very small numbers of ‘leaders’ who claim to represent us.

In opposition to that, we aim to experiment with something very different as a force for intentional and tangible positive change in the world. We could wait until the world ‘settles down’ or delay for some other arbitrary reason. And what we see is that our current events are a perfect storm of fear-laden, top-down decision making not necessarily in the best interests of the ‘greater good’. There is indeed no better time than NOW to wake up to what is truly possible when we come together.

We believe BOLD invitations raise people up. At exactly the time when the world seems so fractured, a powerful response is to stand for what matters most to us, and create from there.

We believe it’s time to focus on facilitating positive change, and we believe it’s never been more vital to our existence.