The CoQuora Process

It’s pretty common for people and organizations to see change as difficult. At CoQuora, we believe change can actually be fun. Seriously fun.

Based upon a process borrowed from decades of practical experiences, The CoQuora Process brings resolution to situations where there is a real issue, whether it be in the form of a problem or opportunity. Trust us – we’ve got the ‘How To’ handled and we’ll talk more about that later; your job right now is to reach out to us and tell us why you want things to be different.

If you want to learn for yourself how fun creating change can actually be, you need to know that with CoQuora, it’s possible.

The CoQuora Project

Can you see yourself in these stories?

Problem: A teacher in a school questions whether we’re really serving our children with the curriculum and culture we’re offering them.

Solution: Open conversations with representatives of each stakeholder — parents, teachers, students, administrators, and law-makers. The CoQuora Process brings these voices together, aligning common purpose and revealing diverse perspectives. One result is a broader understanding of not just issues, but also possibilities. People laugh, cry, and are shocked to see how misunderstood the issue was in the first place. They get behind inspired action to discover strategies that could not have been seen without the process. Gone are the old paradigms of this department against that one. People now know how much more fun – how much more natural – it is to approach problems this way.

Problem: A community has a real problem with homelessness. Retailers fear they are losing business due to homeless people using entrances and sidewalks as their resting place. Homeless people either don’t know their options or don’t have any. Nobody is being well served.

Solution: Conversations begin with business owners, retailers, town officials, homeless people, mental health experts, and general community members. A CoQuora Process takes place, fleshing out the real issues, and giving unlikely people the chance to become part of the solution. All stakeholders begin to hear from one another with solution-oriented thinking, rather than blaming and shaming. New openings for action emerge, resulting in creative solutions to age-old social problems.

It’s great to see people from the grassroots develop a common language and work together after the event to get the work done.

R.A., CoQuora Participant
What appealed to me was the ability to tap into the entire group. The ability to truly tap into the collective intelligence, the collective knowledge of a group and not depend upon who’s brave enough to speak up in a crowded room. It puts people in the position to propose ideas, participate in ideas and own ideas in a way that they’re personally involved in them. R.P., CoQuora Participant

The CoQuora Process is perfect for any area or discipline where people are needing to upgrade how they collaborate and make the future together:

Civic Engagement, Commercial Business Organizations, NGOs & Charities,
Science/Research, Agriculture/Energy, Religion/Spirituality,
Education, Medical/Health Services, Sports, Arts & Entertainment etc

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