Episode 07: There is Great Power in Our Commitments

In Podcast by Charrise McCrorey

In this episode, David and Charrise discuss how commitments are expressed not simply through words, but through action. Whether it is fitness, relationships, work, or anything else a person thinks they are committed to, the real commitment shows up when they take the action toward it. Listen in to discover how commitment is in action in your life, and learn ways to improve your commitment to action ratio.

  • Your commitment doesn’t actually take place until you take action around it.
  • If you want to know what your true commitments are take a look at your life and what you’re creating through your action because if you have commitments they’re showing up in your action.
  • Knowing that it is the right thing to do but not creating any sort of discipline around that commitment
  • Commitments show up through action and action is how anything gets created in the world
  • Often the commitments are sort of given to the front of the room or to the top of the table; who’s standing up there who’s apparently in charge
  • Recapturing the power of individuals making commitments to actions with others as part of a shared process of change
  • People are committed to relinquishing their own power because they’re expecting that the front of the room answers are going to be good enough
  • People don’t believe enough in what they have to say to think it’s valuable for others
  • You believe your committed to something and unless there’s some action around it there is no commitment
  • When we’re committed to the idea, we feel good when we find other people who like the idea as much as we like the idea
  • People mistake massive agreement for action. We can tell we agree that we think that’s going to make a difference and, of course, it makes zero difference until we get into the, “What are we going to do about this?
  • Commitment has at least two elements to it. One is, “Am I passionate about this idea?” Then number two, “Am I prepared to be accountable to something like that.”
  • “What do you want and what are you willing to give up to get it?”



Part 1:

 I know how useful this distinction has been for me. The way that it worked for me in my own life was to shift the way I was seeing commitment and to look into … For example, to take a look at my calendar. David, you call this a diary I know, but in the U.S. we call these things calendars and in my calendar if I were today to look at the names of people who have time slots allocated on my schedule I would be able to see what my true commitments are. Because I’m giving them precious moments of my time.

Further, when I look at that I look into what am I accomplishing by giving away those precious minutes of my time? What’s happening because of that and is that in alignment with who I am in the world and what I want to create? Just doing that, just taking a look into the action that you are involved with already in your life and understand the commitment behind that. What does that mean? Then just be discerning about, “Okay, maybe that isn’t actually a commitment. I have a commitment to think about it. I have a commitment to the idea of it.”

Again, there’s no shame and blame in this either. It’s just a matter of deciding what you actually want to do and doing it and doing that through action. My invitation to everyone here is to just notice what’s going on in your life, what do you keep getting over, and over, and over that frustrates you. That’s a commitment somewhere. What do you get that you love? That’s another commitment. Notice it and see it as a commitment even if it’s a not doing it’s still a commitment.

Part 2:

Beautiful. I’m going to throw a part two, I think, into this challenge, Charrise. That’s for people to have a look at their public commitments. One of the things to just reflect on is when did you last make a commitment in public. Would you be able to do something in the near future around that. It could be one of the things that you got from part one of this challenge, looking at the commitments that you are making or would like to make, and could you make that a public commitment.

Just for the purposes of this game I’m going to make it that public equals more than three people. It’s either more than three people in the room when you’re speaking about this commitment or it’s more than three people in your network, but three or more represents public here. Just see which of these commitments you would like to make, which of them you are willing to make in public, and then during the challenge between podcast episodes let us know what happened for you.


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