Episode 10: Raw and Real

In Podcast by Charrise McCrorey

In this Episode David & Charrise discuss what it means to enjoy and love your work. They discuss how work can be fun. They talk about the nine principles of CoQuora and how these principles play with life and creation. Listen in and get a raw and real view into the way David and Charrise communicate and inspire, in this unedited version of The CoQuora Podcast.

  • These conversations were about discovering. These conversations were about an openness to finding out what could be next.  
  • It was the epitome of collaboration because neither  knew or had an intention other than listening, digesting, and then building upon what the other one said. That’s one of our principles as to how important collaboration is in creating things.
  • None of the nine principles are staggeringly new or that people need to take training in. All of the things that have been pointed out with those nine principles, people do a lot of the time but not all the time and not in all contexts.
  • Bringing some awareness to things that human beings naturally do. If we bring more awareness to it, we can do it more often and, therefore, have more conversations that ripple that out across the globe
  • When we’re aligned with those nine principles, we have so much more fun. Things are so much easier and more graceful and peaceful and gentle.
  • Fun is an opening up, fun is an expansiveness. Fun is not not getting something done. Fun is not having a party and failing to do anything.
  • We should at least consider the idea that work should be a meaningful and purposeful and energizing part of our lives, even if not all of us find that.
  • If you’re a manager or a leader in a company or if you are a business owner, consider creating some core values for the organization that aligns with the things you most adhere to with regards to communication because really a company is only as good as its communication.
  • All of these nine principles generate action. They’re designed to get people out of whatever place they’re in into making a difference, into making something good happen, into creating something different.
  • One of the principles was that, as human beings, we tend to live out the stories that we believe.
  • Sometimes you just get numb and you forget that you’re at choice and that you create your own reality through the stories that you tell about yourself and the stories of your past and the story that your boss tells about you.
  • The foundational principle is it’s an inside-out life
  • What we want to provoke with our podcast and with the CoQuora project as a whole are those people who want to wake up and who want to be part of making change fun and who want to provoke thought and action.
  • We put ourselves in our own prison, and we stay in that prison because we’ve been conditioned.
  • Our work is to be used for something, to give something back or to learn something
  • Some of our biggest lessons come through our relationships at work.

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