Charrise and David met on May 29th, 2009 when they were both participants at a conference in Denver, Colorado. Since then they’ve been in regular weekly contact, supporting each other through their lives and careers as well as exploring and expanding their ideas and interests. And then at the turn of 2014/2015, they sensed that their conversations were taking on a new level of purpose, direction and intensity.

They became more and more passionate about serving the world and helping people step up to higher levels of action and contribution at the collective level. They realized that the challenges facing the world had become too big and complex to be solved by waiting for the next great leader to come along. And they knew that all the great personal work many people had done on themselves to grow and develop as individuals needed to find a similar expression in groups, communities and societies.

And that is how The CoQuora Project was born.

Combining our generous hearts, expansive human experience, and desire to make a profound difference, we come together with an abiding commitment to bring about change that is sustainable and innovative.

Here are the unique gifts we bring to the table:

Charrise McCrorey & David Firth

Charrise McCrorey

  • To inspire
  • To see possibilities when none seem to exist
  • Positivity (to a fault)
  • Creative problem solving
  • Strategic
  • Diverse background/experience in many industries
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Strong connection to intuitive sense
  • High energy
  • See things through the lens of love
  • Focus on strengths in myself and others

Here’s the more formal bio:

Charrise is a Business Coach, Consultant and Love Activist, generating and standing for the personal and professional growth of all people. She is particularly passionate about helping people who are impacting the world in big ways.

She specializes in bringing change agents (and those who haven’t yet discovered they want to be a change agent) into bold and strategic thinking. Her favorite thing to do is to help people engage in conversations that matter, leading to unimaginable results.

She works with communities, government, and private organizations, facilitating dialogue that builds internal capacity, deepening existing strengths in order to solve the most complex problems. She brings possibility thinking to any situation, and people always leave her company inspired.

She has guided the transformation of thousands of humans in her own uniquely fierce and gentle way, through talks, workshops, one-to-one leadership coaching and consulting, and her published work. Her work fundamentally transforms the way humans communicate, produce work, and manage change in major US cities like Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Detroit, and throughout the world.

As an advisor to the US State Department, Charrise has facilitated growth of the entrepreneurial spirit in Middle Eastern and North African women through her involvement as a panelist and host family for the SUSI program. She loves to mentor and empower women from all walks of life to have their greatest possible impact, and volunteers for St. Mary’s College Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative in many capacities.

Charrise is a published author, is a regular contributor to online magazines, and writes her own inspirational blog.

David Firth

  • Out of the box thinking
  • Challenging the status quo creatively
  • Making connections between quality of personal life and business success
  • Huge presence
  • Loving approach
  • Manifesting the power of humor to bring people together and shift perspective
  • Healthy cynicism about models, strategies and prescriptions
  • Changing the nature and quality of the conversation
  • Enhancing the results of communications between any and all groups and personalities

Here’s the more formal bio:

David is a consultant, facilitator, change management expert, conference speaker and executive coach in progressive Organizational Development. His latest two books are From ‘Making a Living’ to Creating a Life and the subject of his recent TEDx talk, Change Your World One Word at a Time.

He specializes in shifting the nature and quality of the conversations within his clients’ organizations in ways that produce greater business and personal results.

David helps global clients – and those nearer to his home in Colorado – institute profound practices for engagement, enrollment and workforce participation. He brings people back to being the source – rather than the victims or objects – of change.

David works with companies who want to build relationships with their stakeholders based on respect, commitment, accountability and mutuality. Current clients include the International Olympic Committee, Amnesty International, Unilever and a globally-famous family confectionary business.

As a consultant he specializes in complex, intractable problems; areas where previous interventions have brought limited or temporary progress, and in ‘difficult’ relationships or personalities.

At the heart of all David’s work is his proprietary BIGGER FUTURES PROCESS and CONVERSATIONS FOR CHANGE methodologies, which are guaranteed to generate creativity, energy and accountability where there was only resistance, stasis and blame in the past. David is expert in both small and (very) large group facilitation such as OPEN SPACE and WORLD CAFE, and his consulting practice also incorporates executive coaching and innovative personal development workshops.