The CoQuora Project: Calling for Change in Public Dialogue

Today The CoQuora Project announces that they have a solution to the embittered, polarizing and fear-based conversation that dominates our societies right now, as demonstrated most recently in the hate-filled political discourse.

The CoQuora Project helps people collectively create positive change. They work with leaders of cities, school districts, health systems and other organizations that are challenged to widen and deepen engagement with their citizens, members, employees or customers. They offer practical tools that enhance the nature and quality of public discourse in the world, shifting it from being a fractious, embittered and frustrating experience to an inclusive, solution-oriented and co-creative process that connects, heals and generates action.

“We need to stop having conversations that feed our instinct to complain about others, that exile us from the source of our problems and that seek to find social approval for our personal interpretations…We need to stop having Conversations for Confirmation and start having Conversations for Change”
David Firth The CoQuora Project

The CoQuora Project will change the World by creating and building stronger communities. The Project will work with change agents through positive communication and conversations to encourage the community to be the change they wish to see in the World. In the community there will be action in seeing the World in different ways, seeing the people in a different light and experiencing self as a powerful source of change and freedom.

“It’s time to go higher, individually and collectively. The disturbing world events and political discourse happening now can be FOR us. It can instill a new level of urgency for creating something bigger and better. The perpetuation of fear threatens to hold us hostage in hopelessness. There is a better way.”
Charrise McCrorey, The CoQuora Project

The CoQuora Project is seeking people who wish to become more active and effective Change Agents. A Change Agent can be any leader, CEO, business owner, or person who is passionate about changing the World around them. Change Agents can join in three different levels; Curious, Collaborator, and Partner. Please click here for more information on each level and to join our community of change.

David Firth
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Charrise McCrorey
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