Creating Compelling Futures Together

The CoQuora Project For EducationThe CoQuora Project for Education helps people collectively create positive change.

Through the CoQuora Process, we deliver a new level of support for educators so that all teachers thrive, and every School District can do the work it was intended to do: give students everything they need to become effective adults in community, career or college.

We offer practical tools, robust processes and skills development workshops that allow people to have the conversations that matter to them so that they can rise above division and breakdown — even malfunction and failure. We meet you where you are and help you see your next level of performance.

Traditional Thinking

When faced with systemic problems of low energy and engagement, the traditional thinking is to ‘empower’ the individual with more skills, better systems and a little extra motivation. We come from a different angle: that creating a better collective community or culture will lead to more effective individual contribution. The stronger the ‘We’ the more effective and empowered is the ‘Me.’

We understand at the heart of any dysfunction within a system, ineffective communication is the primary culprit.

The Solution is Co-Creative Collaboration

The rising up of ‘We’ over ‘Us & Them.’

The CoQuora Process reconnects educators to the spirit and possibility of education, swiftly producing results that people can see and feel. Our proven system moves people from despair to joy.

How? We know you are already busy beyond belief. Rather than adding ‘one more thing’ to the already overflowing plate, we advocate inserting new process into existing systems or meetings- to do something you are already going to do, but in a different, energizing and powerful way.


Our clients report this results in deeper connection, and a return to hope. The CoQuora Process experience has been characterized as different, moving, fun, challenging and surprising. More often than not, unless the client decides to return to the old reality, it is the start of something special.

These are the ‘soft’ results.

The value of tangible, measurable results is experienced only when what is getting measured is meaningful to the stakeholders. Determining what gets measured is as vital as the measurement itself. Often, too much time and energy is spent measuring for the sake of someone else’s agenda. That’s why the Process guides people to measure what truly matters — engaging everyone involved in creating measurable results.

Our Invitation

The CoQuora Project for Education offers full scale change programs, discrete workshops and everything in between.

If you call us, we can talk about the work. We can talk about others’ experience with it. But explanation only goes so far.

We assert that the only way you can get the real benefits of this work is for you to do some of it. At the heart of the CoQuora Process is an experience people have together. No-one needs to learn anything new — rather they simply come together in a room and experience something other than their current, day-to-day activity.

Work With Us

The simplest way in to the work of The CoQuora Project for Education is by having us design and deliver a workshop, bespoke to your particular context and participants, and based on a theme of your choosing, but could be something like:

  • Strategic Planning Process & Implementation
  • Vision & Purpose
  • Teacher Engagement & Motivation
  • School Board Effectiveness
  • Parent Outreach & Involvement
  • Overwhelm, Busyness & Scarcity of Resources
  • Compassion & Empathy

Contact us here to begin a discussion about ways we can help you and your School District reconnect to the spirit and possibility of education.