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At CoQuora, we’ve developed a three-part process which begins with — you guessed it — the big questions we are willing to ask. What if these questions were bigger and better than the customary ones, and perhaps based upon previously undiscussable issues?


Once the Big Question is established, we move into the listening phase — and not ordinary habits of listening. We like to listen exquisitely, holding space for the best of all of us to rise up.

Listening without agenda, without thinking of our next response, without making wrong or making right gives us a rich tapestry from which to create.


Which then moves us into the third phase; inspired action. Everyone knows how the world moves forward through action. And what if, behind the action is a sense of clarity, purpose, and passion? Action moves us forward — passionate action keeps us moving.

Here are some beliefs which are the foundation of this space:

  • All of us are smarter than any of us
  • Everything we need is already available
  • Whatever you ‘get’ from this process you will own and implement because you created it. Motivation will not be an issue.
  • We will have the time to talk ourselves into the future, because there is no other way
  • Diversity is an essential condition of the group
  • Engagement is about energy much as education
  • Anything that looks like teaching will be available but not insistent, and will pop up when apparently necessary. And we have no idea who the teacher will be.
  • We have no idea what will happen out of this, and thank God we are not limited by those expectations.

How would it feel to experience this directly? You can find out by contacting us.