Uprising is our Highest Calling

In Blog by Charrise McCrorey

Uprising is our highest calling; it is an invitation to reclaim our birthright of creative expression.

The small, complaining, undisciplined part of ourselves makes us weak, looking to others to fix what’s wrong. If we’re not part of the solution, we’re part of the problem. Our distracted character seeks convenience and ease, creating us as unfit leaders for solving the challenges we have allowed to grow into thieves at the door.

We are unfit to be the ruler of our collective destiny unless we rise into our innate ability to be creators. Knowing ourselves as creators, we access greater joy, vibrancy, and aliveness. Choosing to go through the doorway, behind which creative expression lies is our responsibility.

Uprising is our highest calling.

Our divine desire to overcome tyranny, oppression, darkness and small-mindedness is bigger than our smaller, apathetic selves.

Let’s summon the courage to change our story, and in so doing, rise to glory.

Big-hearted, awe-inspired action serves to inspire others to action. We must begin somewhere, and this is the perfect time and place in history us to unleash our huge love and light into the universe.

Both struggle and progress are present for all humanity today; representing two sides of the same coin. When we abandon status quo, our sense of justice is better served.

Uprising is our highest calling.

A vibrant, genuine, purposeful life is available to us; only if we take action toward this grand vision.

In the calling forward, we remove the fear shackles that keep us stuck believing the story people tell about us. Engaging the creator’s spark brings forth empowered action, obliterating the notion of compliance — sheep no longer following the herd.

Rather, we begin to serve a mission at our choosing — one that gives hope to our children and grandchildren — that we can indeed be free.

We have tremendous untapped potential when we act from the belief that we’re alone. Collectively, we unleash our creative expression. We practice collaborative intelligence. We develop the capacity to make real, significant and lasting change happen in our lives — in our communities, in our work, and in our families.

We are squandering our most powerful asset when falsely relegating love to something that happens in relationships — family, spouse, children. Today calls for love to be recognized as the spiritual energy from which we were made, for our better and bigger future. Love is what we are, and love is what we do. Love flows through everything; it’s ever-present while often invisible.

We know it’s there, and yet we underestimate love’s ability to transform. It’s the gas in our tank. It’s oxygen to our lungs. Our uprising calls for the amplification of love.

We must disallow the undercurrent of mediocrity; we must question apathy at every turn. When will we stop squandering our generous heart? When will we choose to resist the seduction of sensationalism?

Uprising is our highest calling. We’ve been waiting our whole lives for this moment of truth.

We must boldly and unapologetically challenge each other to come together, as powerful creators. We must come together, and show up willing to listen and learn and contribute our creative energy for the greater good.

Uprising is our highest calling. Will you answer?