What is the Value of Invitation?

In Blog by Charrise McCrorey

We love Invitation because there are only a limited number of responses. Invitation is so clean. Some will say Yes to an invitation. And some won’t.

As a result of this basic truth, whoever comes are the right people. This then is real power: to work together with whoever shows up ‘in the room’ with us, as opposed to wishing other ‘right people’ ought to be there. The other ‘right people’ chose to be somewhere else. They were too busy. Or cared about something else more. That’s fine. Let’s work with who is here rather than worry about who isn’t.

Invitation invokes choice. It requires a chosen accountability, rather than forms of coercion, inducement or enrolling. Chosen accountability empowers action.

We recognize most of us only get to engage in groups populated by a variety of hangers-on, curiosity-seekers, over-seers and people who don’t really want to be in the room but feel that they ‘ought to be’. It’s hardly surprising that getting things done is often slowed down by having to manage the unmet expectations, cynicism and politics.

When Jesus said ‘I tell you truly that if two of you on the earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you’ he wasn’t suggesting this as the quorum required for a prayer meeting. He was saying ‘Give me two or three people who are committed to the same thing, and we might well be able to move the earth far faster than twenty moderately interested parties ever could!

What if today, you found yourself in a group meeting, and you chose to truly be there? What if you recognized that just by being there, you have chosen? And what if, through another conscious choice, you committed to make a difference while there?

Can you imagine what would be possible if this were the way we always showed up?